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At Microequilibre laboratory, we are committed to offering the public a large selection of dietary supplements that meet the specific needs our health professionals have identified. This is why we decided to focus on two key areas: micro nutrition and herbal medicine.

Microequilibre originated from a concept solidly grounded in sophisticated scientific expertise.

Actually, Microequilibre products are designed, developed and manufactured in France in close collaboration with doctors and pharmacists specialized in micro nutrition, under the responsibility of Dr. Jacqueline Delanoë (physician, former extern of the public hospitals in Nancy) and recognized by the healthcare firm “de Vecchy conseil” led by Dr. Hélène de Vecchy, chemist and author of the book Handbook of Alternative Medicines.

Most products developed by Microéquilibre have a concentration of active principles similar to the concentrations approved in scientific studies, which is the reason why a large part of these ingredients are titrated extracts.

We put emphasis on the quality of our ingredients: high and reproducible amounts of designated active principles, guaranteed bacteriological hygiene, with no GMOs, no gluten, no phenoxyethanol (a preservative highly toxic for the liver), no titanium dioxide, and no allergens such as methylisothiazolinone. We also make systematic checks for heavy metals and hold a non-irradiation certificate.

Microequilibre Laboratory, eager to propose the best quality products with guaranteed safety, provides customers with a fish oil rich in omega-3 and certified EPAX.


EPAX establishes the standards for safe, traceable and durable omega-3 ingredients.

EPAX is a global brand of marine based omega-3 concentrated fatty acids. 170 years of Norwegian maritime expertise and its continued commitment to purity, quality and innovation guarantee products that meet the highest standards in the industry for safe, traceable and durable ingredients.


The ultra-pure oil that defines the industry standards of purity.

For EPAX, FMC is committed to producing ultra-pure omega-3 ingredients that are safe for continuous human use.

  • EPAX production limits for environmental pollutants are 60% to 95% lower than the established standard values.
  • Licensed treatment and purification methods
  • Effective purification methods for obtaining oils that ensure the compliance or exceedance of global purity standards such as the GOED voluntary monograph, the European Pharmacopoeia and abidance with Proposition 65.
  • Analytical results of total ventilation for the 209 PCB congeners provided to all customers.
  • The PCB 209 EPAX limit is well below the established standards: 90% lower than that established by the GOED voluntary monograph and EPAX beats its own maximum limit of 83%. This lower value is the average of all EPAX measurements in 2012.
  • Production specifications that determine the industry’s lowest limits for trans-unsaturated fatty acids and unhealthy oxidant by-products.

Quality - Continuous supply of traceable and high quality problem-free ingredients from a sustainable source.


  • The FMC Epax EcoVision environmental stewardship program determines primary values and long-term ethical standards for traceable, sustainable and accountable practices.

Microequilibre contributes to financing the ECO-packaging program to promote and facilitate the recycling of our packaging.

Our expertise at your service

What are titrated extracts?

Titrated extracts are the result of rigorous biotechnology-based research studies.

Scientific progress has also affected the field of plants. We can now analyze the active ingredients they contain as well as determine and adjust these same active substances quantitatively.

It will be possible to produce plant extracts containing consistent equal amounts of active ingredients, specifically titrated extracts.

In addition, the concentrated and titrated extracts in the active ingredients contain 5 to 20 times the weight of crushed dry plants. These extracts will make it possible to put into capsule an amount of effective plant-based active ingredients at a rate of 3 to 6 capsules per day and not at a rate of 10 to 30 per day.


Our food supplements meet very strict quality control standards: ISO 22000 Certification: 2005, HACCP plan, systematic analyses of batches by an independent and accredited laboratory, computer traceability, and finally our products are manufactured and developed exclusively in France.

Dr J. Delanoë

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