What is micro nutrition?

At the end of last century, scientists discovered that prior to the development of disease in human beings, we can find nutritional deficiencies in vitamins, probiotics, fatty acids and metalloids. They called them micronutrients and micro nutrition was thus born. 

Each organ requires a daily dose of these nutrients, so we need to consume them as part of our diet for our body to function properly in its entirety. Depending on whether there are too few or too many of these nutrients present, the mechanism may become blocked and symptoms can appear.


Each organism is different and makes use of micronutrients according to its personal functioning. 

Advice, therefore, needs to be individualized:    :

  • Diagnose the deficits or excesses due to the foods we eat.
  • Correct them and provide the required micronutrients to create an optimum balance; anti-oxidants and anti-aging supplements, necessary probiotics for proper intestinal function, essential fatty acids, vitamins and several other active ingredients.

Dr. Jacqueline Delanoë